Bottles-Up! Wine Matures Into a Staple of Home Decor


Wine c

omplements dinners, keeps our hearts healthy, moderates weight gain--and it can also decorate our homes. Just ask designer and TV personality, Courtney Cachet, who brought home empty wine bottles from her trip to the South of France in order to repurpose them as oil and vinegar containers and candelabra stands.

"So many people out there are wine enthusiasts, and wine bottles and wine accessories provide a great way to incorporate a passion for wine into décor," Cachet says. "It's similar to book lovers who decorate with books," she adds, referring to luxury coffee-table literature and book shelves featuring vintage hardcovers.

Okemos, Mich.-based interior designer, Leslie Hart-Davidson says clients are increasingly asking her to fashion their homes around wine themes. "Recently, a client who enjoyed throwing wine parties for her girlfriends requested a room that was comfortable and had enough places for her gals to set wine glasses. She wanted a lot of charm and character, so I gave her a wine-tasting table," Hart-Davidson says.