When the Floor Becomes Your Furniture

You'll be floored when you hear that your next office, dining room, and sofa might literally roll up into the same piece of carpet. That is, if the clever, space-saving Japanese design by student Shin Yamashita can be marketed to the American masses....

The prototype carpet, called "Land Peel" works like this. The "carpet" is a foam floor covering constructed of panels that flip and fold like a futon. Unlike a futon, however, a few the origami-like folds transitions the Land Peel into everything from a table to a backrest, footrest, pillow, or - get this - drink tray.

A custom-fitting lamp serves as a table leg so you can use the carpet as a desk, too...
In essence, this carpet means you could literally transform your studio apartment to suit any purpose. And yes, lazy bones, you wouldn't even have to leave the comfort of your floor.

Fast Company recently profiled the work and suggested that if the carpet prototype was manufactured to include several "skins" or color choices (similar to Flor modular carpet tiles) "Land Peel" could be a hit. Given that plenty of Americans spend hours sitting and busily clogging our arteries watching television, playing video games, and being online - sure, we'd invest in that.

Here are some suggestions to "American-ize" the design for the mass market:

Add Wi-Fi. It would be like an electric blanket, only better.

Use Recycled Materials.
If the foam were made of recycled plastics the manufacturers could market the hell out of it.

Add an Aromatherapy Distiller. Why not? You want your floor carpet furniture to smell nice, right? Maybe that could be a frilly add-on.

Basically, what you'd have with these tweaks is a self-sufficient apartment you could pack and take anywhere. All you'd really ever need is a roof.

Yamashita is a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. We're guessing he's graduating with top honors from the comfort of his floor. Kudos to you.
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