Sweet San Francisco Rental: 2BR with Golden Gate Park View, $1,895

The Sunset area is a favorite San Francisco neighborhood despite that fact that it doesn't live up to its name: There's rarely any sun due to the fact that it's so foggy here. But people love it here because it's like a little small town right in the middle of San Francisco. It has that cute little neighborhood feel and you're very close to both Golden Gate Park and the beach. (Remember to bring a jacket.)

So it goes without saying that this top floor, 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom apartment has a great view of both Golden Gate and the ocean. Great for catching the sunset when the fog hasn't rolled in to block it.

So what do get for $1,895. Well, the apartment is in a beautifully maintained 12-unit bldg in the outer Sunset. It's very bright with big windows and skylights in both bathrooms. The apartment comes with nice Pergo flooring, a gas fireplace, and a deluxe kitchen with electric stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal. There's an elevator in the building to make lugging groceries upstairs an easier task. Plus parking, parking, parking!

How does $1,895 compare to other apartments in the outer Sunset? It's a pretty average price for what you get in the area. So for all that's included with the apartment, it's seems like a good deal worth looking into.

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