Social Security disability cases time lag: Ohio is worst

SSDI wait now under 500 days
SSDI wait now under 500 days

Picture this: You're an Ohioan who has worked 30 years in a job that pays into Social Security and you have a stroke and can't work any more. But thankfully, Social Security Disability Insurance will help out by sending you a monthly payment, right? Well, yeah, if you don't mind waiting more than a year while your claim is processed. After all, you're in line with around 770,000 Americans waiting to find out if they qualify.

A new state-by-state study of the state of SSDI claims is rather self-serving, since it was done by Allsup, a company that represents SSDI applicants, but nonetheless appears to have been well done. The results are eye-opening. The states with the fastest processing time?

  1. Delaware, 299.0 days

  2. Maine, 326 days

  3. Texas, 334.6 days

  4. Louisiana, 348.9 days

  5. West Virginia, 351.4 days