Quote of the Moment: The Drug Pusher


"Tuesday 23rd March

Having made the decision not to get involved with micro-transactions, which would feel like cheating, I have realied I need to maximise revenue opportunities elsewhere. So far this has involved fertilising the crops of every FarmVille player on my Friends list, and asking virtually all of them to be my Neighbour.

Having Neighbours is like having a Friends list within FarmVille. You need a certain number of them to get access to certain items. Even after I'd sent Neighbour requests to all the FarmVille players, I still didn't have enough to qualify for a Dairy Farm.

I asked my friend Kim, who doesn't currently play, to join the game. She was reluctant but agreed after I explained it'll only take a few minutes to sign up, and she doesn't have to keep playing the game once she's accepted my Neighbour invitation.

Wednesday 24th March

Email from Kim: "I hate FarmVille. It has taken over my every waking moment. WHY?"

I have become a drug pusher."

-An excerpt from Ellie Gibson's excellent, extensive diary of her first couple of weeks playing Farmville over at Eurogamer