Pick Your Next Sofa in Five Easy Steps

couple on the sofa
couple on the sofa

Beware: Your next sofa may outlast your next relationship...

It's true. A sofa is the biggest and most frequently used item in your apartment. If unwisely selected, your sofa can ruin everything from the general enjoyment of your apartment to even wrecking your reputation. (Your choice of beds is also a major concern, but that's a different post for a different day)

You think I'm joking? No way. Take a lesson from my former neighbor, "Ben" who, even though long departed, is still referred to as "the idiot." His new sofa didn't fit into his apartment. So, he left the plastic-wrapped sofa partially blocking the single stairwell. Not just for an hour, but for days as he unsuccessfully tried to sell the sofa for full price on Craigslist! He successfully he brought a building of people against him as public enemy number one! Don't be that neighbor.