iPad Games: Mirror's Edge Review

Mirror's Edge for iPad
Mirror's Edge for iPad

In Mirror's Edge on iPad, you're on the run. Constantly on the run. Running on rooftops, running through warehouses and office buildings, jumping from skyscrapers and fighting baddies out to get you. Why are they going after you? Who cares, this game is awesome!

Controls are pretty simple, with gestures to the left and right making you run, a gesture up making you jump, and a gesture down making you slide. The point of each stage of the game is to get to the other end of the level as fast as possible, but beware: armed guards are on the lookout on some levels. Thankfully, a swift jump kick to the head easily dispatches them, and they're not your biggest worry.

Instead, boxes, pipes and gaps are ready to slow you down, so be prepared to either leap or slide right past them to keep your run going. Animations are crisp and the action is intense, with just the right amount of tension between jumps to make for an awesome feeling when you're able to string together a bunch of moves.

There's also a fun multiplayer mode that uses the same iPad for two players. The game splits in two, with one of you on the top half and the other on the bottom half of the screen. First one to the finish line wins the world, and there's nothing like gloating right in your opponent's face after crushing them. Great single player mode with fun multiplayer options makes this one a definite pickup.

: great looking, nice style, lots of modes, and multiplayer on one screen

Bad: the price is way north of what we like to see

Quick score (and corny pun): 5 out of 5 couriers agree, run to the app store and pick this up!