I Want This Dallas House: Munger Place Colonial, $350K

You don't find many homes built in 1922 in Dallas, Texas. There is one brick cottage in The Cedars, Dallas' version of Soho, built in 1884, that may be the oldest piece of real estate in town.

This house, at 5025 Junius, is located a little north of downtown Dallas in one of the city's historic transitional neighborhoods, Munger Place, sought after by singles, couples and families for a close-in location brimming with community. This remodeled colonial with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, is the dream house of a former Dallas radio host, Karen Moyer, who poured her heart and capital into every square inch of its 2,700 square feet.On the inside, it's pure 21st century living with a re-built foundation, steal piers, gourmet kitchen with new cabinets, granite and gourmet stainless appliances, new bathrooms, and a laundry room on an enclosed back porch. (The original home did not have a laundry room because, in 1922, laundry was wrung out in washtubs on the back porch, then hung to dry.)

Karen also sanded and smoothed the 100-year-old-plus hardwood floors. This Dallas home for sale was designed and built by an architect, who passed the home onto his daughter, who lived in it until she retired to a nursing home. Out of respect for the home's heritage, Karen maintained all the original woodwork, including six-inch base trim, thick ceiling and crown moldings, even the white-porcelain, claw-foot bathtub in the main bath.

The home has been reduced to $350,000 for quick sale, an excellent price for a home with such history and character.

But you might have to be O.K. with ghosts: One day Karen was home, alone, putting something away in the home's attic. She had a strange feeling that an older woman was watching her work. Later that day, Karen learned that the woman she had bought 5025 Junius from had died.

"But I had the distinct feeling, a strong feeling," says Karen, "She was happy that her home was being loved and tended."

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