Home TV: 'Home Rules' Episode 4

For those who are not in the home improvement know, HGTV's "Home Rules" has added a missing ingredient that other home renovation shows are greatly lacking: a life coach. Before the contractors come in to renovate the lucky family's home, they must first earn it. That means working on their family issues and showing signs of changing for the better before the walls are knocked out to create a brand-new floor plan.

That's where life coach/host Fran Harris (left) comes in. She works with the homeowners in order to bring calm to their chaotic personal life before the home renovating begins.

This week's episode: "Fran takes on control freak couple"
Fran meets the Chapmans: David and Stephanie are an orthodox Jewish couple with four kids who live in a cluttered house that's driving everyone crazy. No one seems to have their own space, but we see that if the layout of the house was different the entire family would get a lot more use out of it.

But that's not the case. David's office is cluttered with trash, but that doesn't compare to the basement and the garage. The basement space is not being used due to the amount of junk while the garage is a cluttered mess that leaves Fran speechless. The garage terrifies Stephanie and gives her extreme anxiety attacks. (It's been 6 years since she's last been in the garage.)

Fran concludes that the cluttered garage is David's way of rebelling, where cleaning it means that Stephanie is the winner. (I know, they've got issues.)

Fran has her work cut out for her. In order to prove that they deserve to have their home remodeled, Fran has David and Stephanie clean out the garage together to prove they can work as a team. Further more, Fran puts David in charge of picking their new floor plan to show that Stephanie trusts her husband (she's a bit of a control freak), and to test their ability to communicate. Stephanie ends up being impressed by David's choices. "I feel they have really earned their new home," quips Fran.

With that done, the builders have 96 hours to renovate the Chapman's home. The crew jumps in. Walls are torn out. The kitchen is planned to be where the living room once was. The entire house space is opened up.

In the end, the Chapman clan is pleasantly surprised.. There's lots of screams of joy at the sight of their newly remodeled home with tons of new space for everyone. The basement and garage are once again function. Everyone is happy. One month later Fran returns to discover the Chapmans are still happy with their new spacious home. Hurray (and no surprise)!

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