Fashion Critic Cojo Shocker: A Beige Crib

Fashion critic and celebrity interviewer Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru has built a career out of trashing celebs on the red carpet, now it's our turn to critique his style by peeking at the listing photos of his Hollywood Hills home, which Realestalker reports is on the market for $3.395 million -- a tad under the $3.8 million he paid for it in 2007.

If you know the colorful and flamboyant style of Cojo's gender-bending wardrobe, you might expect similarly garish decor... perhaps a bright tangerine-colored carpet in the living room, yellow and green in the master bedroom, or maybe a jarring purple like Nicolas Cage.

So, when we peeked at the listing photos, we were shocked....Cojocaru, who spent years as People magazine's West Coast fashion editor and as style correspondent for the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, E!, and Access Hollywood, has a surprisingly neutral approach to his home decor. The only visible colors are brown, beige, black and cream. That might be chic in some homes, but it seems far too understated for the home of the author of Red Carpet Diaries: Confessions of a Glamour Boy.

The home, at 1420 Rising Glen Rd, sits just above the Sunset Strip and has a screening room and wet bar, an office. It is listed by Judy Feder of Nourmand & Associates.

For more photos, see the gallery posted by the Realestalker.

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Sheree R. Curry, an award-winning journalist who recently gave Matt Damon advice on his home choice, resides in a Minneapolis suburb where she has beige carpet, beige sofa sectional, a beige wing-tip chair, beige cocktail and end tables and an ecru paint job. She added color with burgundy throw pillows, vases and wall hangings.
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