Tax Day Tea Party plans nationwide protests April 15


The Tea Party movement, with its passion for fiscal conservatism that has rallied a predominantly Libertarian and Republican base around events that symbolize government spending, has its chants and anti-government protest signs set for a day that symbolizes what it hates most: taxes. While last year's April 15 gathering, which saw 300 protests across 50 states, was a "coming out" for the movement, this year, organizers believe, will be a force that government leaders on both sides will have to reckon with. From strategy meetings, presentations to representatives on Capitol Hill, and protests on the National Mall, tens of thousands of Tea Party activists are expected to descend on the nation's capital for tax day.,feedConfig,entry&id=562125&pid=562124&uts=1270495221

Tax Day Protests

Tea Party activists are planning nationwide protests on April 15--tax day--to demand fiscal reform. For a look at other recent protests, click through the gallery.

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