4-Star Movie Bargains

How to Save on Movie Tickets

For much of the last decade, it was thought DVD sales and rentals would crush movie theaters out of existence--but it simply hasn't happened. An astounding 1.42 billion movie tickets were sold in 2009, up from 1.39 billion in 2008, according to Nash Information Services. The reasons for the rebound are many, but it all boils down to a truth as timeless as cinema itself: Going to the movies gives you a chance to bust out of the confines of your home, and enjoy the unfolding action with a live audience.

So if you're off to the show, consider the drama you face that might outdo the film on the silver screen: Where can you consistently find bargain prices for film that, to borrow from the old Siskel and Ebert show, make you thrust "two thumbs up"? We'll find out, in this installment of the Savings Experiment.

Time was when buying a movie ticket was simple: You'd walk up to the box office, purchase your ticket, and then proceed to the popcorn stand. But today, you can buy tickets online, use an entertainment coupon book, buy them at the box office, or make use of special offers, or the deals offered by independent theaters. Where to start?

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