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Last week, we at Rented Spaces gave you apartment news full of neighbor sex and neighborhood Insiders and drool-inducing rentals on the market. Now here's a round-up of some other interesting real-estate-related happenings from last week:

Damn that Census:
U.S. government officials with money to allocate want to know who lives where and how many live there by April 1st. Two problems: many citizens have yet to receive their census questionnaire. Of those who have, some are finding the questionnaire's race verbiage to be a bit...antiquated. (See the second option of question nine's race survey: Black, African Am., or Negro. Wait...Negro?) According to The New York Times, the Census Bureau believes some older African-Americans still think of themselves in civil rights era terminology. This was cleared up in an article where the Times declared President Obama to be the nation's first official black president, we guess for those who needed census proof. (He checked the box with Negro.) Census deadline extended through mid-April.
New York Subway Security Cameras Under Scrutiny:

Last week, a Brownsville, Brooklyn resident was caught for the stabbing-murder of two men in a Manhattan subway after having fled a station with no security cameras. New York Daily News reports that approximately 70 stations are equipped with surveillance cameras at the turnstile areas, and while the city plans to expand this figure to 100 by June, the MTA lacks funds to further extend this security measure. This news comes on the heels of a major MTA budget cut that will eliminate 37 bus routes along with the W and V subway lines beginning June 27th.

Gossip (Door) Men:
Your smiling doorman knows all about the empty herpes medication bottles in your trash, your revolving door of booty calls, the frequent delivery of wine boxes to your apartment, the lies you tell your kids in the lobby when they ask about what's in those boxes. He's laughing at you. And he's blogging about it, too. According to, one of's popular bloggers is a very observant, anonymous doorman who doesn't drop names but is making people nervous. Meanwhile,'s latest column is manned by a New York City elevator operator who's even

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