Happy Aquarium: Loch Ness Babies take over Demo Tank

Loch Ness Monster Babies in Demo Tank
There must be at least a dozen Baby Loch Ness Monsters swimming in this week's demo tank. Looking at the bottom right-hand corner, the tank itself indicates it's over-maxed its critter storage capacity by 22 creatures.

So let's see what they're showcasing this week: First off, you've got the animated "Wisteria Tree", in lovely lavender hues, drifting down petals like a sakura tree caught at night, and for 18 Pearls or 15 Facebook Credits, the price is pretty good.

The "Dark Palms" are 340 Coins each, and obviously designed to complement the new "Moonlit Beach" wallpaper, which is going for the usual wallpaper price of 30 Pearls or 36 FB Credits. The "Beach Hammock" slung between the two Dark Palms, goes for 340 Coins as well, and comes as a single item.

If you look carefully, you can spot the new Mystery Treasure Chest behind the Wisteria Tree. And if you logged into the game yesterday, you should've gotten a Chest for free as part of Crowdstar's Fan Appreciation Week.

Everything else is stuff from older showcases, like that underwater Tiki Torch (from the Tiki Island theme), and the Bubbling Drink (from the Easter/Spring Picnic theme).

Finally, we've got all those baby Nessies gallivanting in the tank. You can't buy a single one, since they have to be acquired via an Expedition quest, but if you click on them, you'll notice they have a maturation rate of more than 200 hours.
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