FarmVille: Given up hope on your La Maison Building? Contact Zynga


As we already mentioned La Maison materials have been brought back until APRIL 12th at 9pm PT. Earlier today Lexilicious (Official FarmVille Community Manager) posted this on the Official FarmVille Forums.

"Hey guys,

"Due to technical issues that led to the La Maison gifts to expire earlier than intended, we are extending the gifts and ability to purchase a frame for one more week, from April 4th until April the 12th at 9 PM PDT.

"For any users who deleted their Maison frames/partially complete Maisons, please make sure to contact our Customer Support department and they will be able to assist you as soon as they are able.

"Because of problems that have occurred in the past with this feature, should the timing for the availability of La Maison gifting change we will inform you via the forums as soon as we have pertinent information.

As always, we appreciate your patience with us, and apologize for any inconvenience caused."

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

So if you had given up hope on your La Maison building and deleted your frame contact Zynga quick!

Use the following link to contact Zynga:

Zynga seems to be doing whatever they can to help players who were unable to complete their buildings. Are you satisfied by their efforts?

This article originally appeared on: FarmVille Freak.