FarmVille: Cow Print Buildings and Others Return to FV Market


Some previously retired items have returned to the FarmVille Market with no expiration date. Perhaps, these items will become permanent features in the Market since they currently do not have time limits.

You can now once again purchase these special edition buildings that includes the following:

* Cowprint Barn
* Cowprint Shed
* Cowprint Silo
* Vacation Home

There are also numerous other "retired" decoration items re-surfacing in the Market.

* Cowprint Potty
* Cowprint Tower
* Bonsai Tree (decorative tree)
* Flourishing Birch (decorative tree)
* Large Bolder
* Blue Gazing Ball
* Valley Quail (animal)
* Log Bench (previously Giftable only)
* FarmVille Sign

Also, please note that April Fools' Day items and Easter or Spring themed items will be leaving the Market after the next 23 hours.

For pics of everything, click below this post.

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