Crowdstar's Fan Appreciation Week Giveaways: Day 2

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Crowdstar -- the creator of popular Facebook games Happy Pets, Happy Aquarium, and Happy Island -- has announced that April 5th through April 9th, shall be known as "Fan Appreciation Week", and every day shall be a day of free giveaways.

Giveaways from Day One can be seen here (and Day Three is now here), but as of now, you can no longer get these from the game. These giveaways are a 24-hr period deal, so it's USE IT or LOSE IT!

Here's a quick summary of Day Two:

Happy Pets: Free Insta-Grow
Happy Island: Free Mossy Spring item
Happy Aquarium: Free Antique Gold Vase item

See the rest of this post for pics and details!

Happy Pets

Happy Pets Fan Appreciation Day 2 Free Instagrow
Happy Pets Fan Appreciation Day 2 Free Instagrow

Day Two (c/o Angela via the Happy Pets Community forum):
- Log into Happy Pets Tuesday 2PM PDT through 2PM PDT Wednesday and receive one FREE INSTA GROW!
In order to claim your INSTA GROW, click on any baby basket (of any species).
(You'll receive a prompt to use INSTA GROW, Cost = Free)
- You can choose to decline this option and save it for another basket.
- You can only use this once!
- Free INSTA GROW expires at 2 PM Wednesday. (PDT) If you don't use it within the 24 hours, you lose it.