Best chocolate chip cookie dough? We rank the house brands


If you were good for Lent (hey, even if you don't practice Lent), then you deserve a cookie for your selfless weeks of sacrifice. Eh: You deserve a cookie anyway. If heaven doesn't have cookies, what fun is that?

So there it is: Thou shalt have a bit of a reward. Mid-term exams were no doubt tough, too, and anyone who knows anything about college knows that chocolate chip cookies represent one of the Four Major Collegiate Food Groups (beer, pizza, and ramen noodles of course being the other three. Duh.)

But wouldn't it be especially sweet to buy a batch of cookie dough from the store that was every bit as delicious as Nestle Toll House, except cheaper? As a smart college student on a budget, you no doubt know how much you can save by baking your own. And if not, well, allow us to show you.

Store Brand Scorecard bought four batches of break-and-bake chocolate chip cookie dough -- including Toll House and three private label equivalents -- to see which cookies were champs and which ones just crumbled. In the interest of fairness, samples from each batch were baked together in the center of a cookie sheet. Even though we all know raw cookie dough is totally delicious, for the sake of your health, don't eat it.