Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Earth Day Discount on Biodegradable Tableware from Branch!

April 22 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and what does that mean? We need to celebrate--consciously.

Last week's unseasonably warm weather that broke records around the United States, including Chicago, Upstate New York and Springfield, Mass. was welcomed with delight. Children played with water guns, families fired up the grill. Even I put off my duties at home to to wet my feet in the ocean and warm up my pale complexion. I'm not going to lie, it was nice being able to wear a summer dress in the first days of April, but I couldn't shake the idea that global warming was to thank for the recent warm spell.

I'm not going to enter into a debate about the existence of global warming and knock the beautiful weather outside. In fact, we should all take advantage of the warm days: cook, dance, laugh, run around barefoot on the grass. Take your joy outside, but do so with the environment in mind. And Branch, the San Francisco-based online home store, dedicated to sustainable living, will help you set up a lavish party that will save you money and help you protect Earth.

You have a few weeks to go before Earth Day, so why not invite friends over for an eco-friendly outdoor fête or a casual picnic? Instead of buying paper and styrofoam utensils, opt for the Veneerware Party Kit ($48, pictured), which serves 16 people and includes plates and utensils from organically-grown bamboo, or the perfect-for-outside-gatherings Biodegradable Party Kit ($48), which serves 50 people and includes bagasse plates and bowls and utensils made from potato starch.


To commemorate Earth Day, Branch is offering our readers $5 offany order of $25 or more from the Biodegradables section until May 5, 2010. As usual, type in special offer code RS2010 and stock up for the year ahead!

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