Ad Rant: Mental health advocates not so nuts about cheesy Burger King ad

Mental health advocates are not too crazy about Burger King's "Crazy King" campaign. They've attacked it as "blatantly offensive" and say it's perpetuating the stigma that a brain-chemistry disorder inevitably leads to arson, destruction of property and public endangerment. But perhaps what they should be complaining about is how crazy it is to tout such cholesterol-laden food to a public that is collectively headed for a heart attack.

In the commercial, the mascot of the fast-food franchise (the creepy, larger-than-life "King") smashes into an office and creates havoc, breaking a window with a chair and setting a fire as he runs through the halls. Chasing him is a white-haired man in a bow tie and glasses that one can assume is some kind of therapist. "Stop that king!" the man screams. "He's crazy!"

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