10 best iPad apps you can download for free


It should come as little surprise that the lucky people who managed to get their hands on an iPad last Saturday immediately started downloading apps for the device -- and lots of them. On Monday, Apple announced that iPad owners downloaded over one million apps from its AppStore on the first day alone. Apple didn't break down how much was spent on apps, but it's safe to say that there were a few iPad owners who might have been shocked by the final tally. Some iPad apps can cost as much as $15, much more expensive than their iPhone counterparts. (Read our story, to see which apps Apple's staff say are worth the money).

Luckily, iPad owners don't have to pay an arm and a leg in order to enjoy their new gadget. WalletPop rounded up the 10 best free iPad apps that are currently available so you can stay informed, entertained and productive without breaking the bank.