'Selling New York' Episode 3: An Unimaginative Lawyer & Fab Fashionista

Episode 3 of HGTV's new reality series "Selling New York" aired Thursday. In case you've missed it, the show follows the exploits of two, high-end real estate firms -- uptown's Gumley, Haft and Kleier and downtown's CORE -- as they try to find to-die-for apartments for their demanding clients.

This week the show follows the exploits of a rich and unimaginative lawyer and an over-the top fashion-design diva. Both ISO pricy pads for purchase or rent. The wealthy lawyer/wife/mom has a budget where she can look at multi-million dollar properties without flinching and merely make a casual reference to checking in with her husband. The fashion designer, Indashio, a relatively unheard of designer somehow has the budget to rent a $15,000 a month work/live space. (We're told several times about his celebrity clients so perhaps that's how he affords this generous budget.) Indashio, with his made-for-reality-TV flamboyance makes it pretty apparent that he has no intention of really renting a new apartment. He's in it for the exposure. He's got a fashion line to promote!
Kirk Rundhaug of CORE is working with Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern to help the lawyer, otherwise known as "The Unimaginative One" (shown here with Sabrina). The Unimaginative One can't wrap her head around a monstrous, palatial, raw unit under construction in Chelsea. So they hire a designer to conceptualize the space for her.

Samantha Kleier Forbes meanwhile, between air kisses and fawning over the "outrageous" Indashio, shows him a fabulous loft with incredible outdoor space but doesn't work because it's a walk-up. There is no way Indashio is going to make his celebrity clients strut a walk-up.

"Divas are the most fun clients to work with," Samantha tells HousingWatch. "Indashio is a diva in his fabulousness, his desire for everything fast-fast-fast, but he was [also] in character kind, respectful, appreciative and gracious."

The Time-Crunch:
CORE's Rundhaug and the designer must stage the property quickly gathering cool furniture and rock-star-esque accessories that they deem will appeal to "The Unimaginative One." Meanwhile, Samantha has no deadline; Indashio has all the time in the world to be on TV and thanks to his challenging demands this works in his favor. (Apparently there aren't many three bedroom pads in mint condition with huge terraces, amazing views, lots of light, all in a hot location, that could work as a live/work space.

Shameless Promotional Moment:
When we watch Indashio show Samantha his line and they laugh and fawn.

Exclusive for HousingWatch: Samantha's Defense of Walk-ups
"Some New Yorkers love walk ups. It is a very New York thing, but they aren't for everyone. Sometimes a walk up leads to the most magical space, like a secret club. In this apartment that was the case: there was an amazing surprise at the end of the five flights! Sometimes clients make sacrifices for apartments as special as this and surprise you. I wasn't shocked he didn't take it ... I think he was imagining the models walking the steps with garments and 6-inch Manolos!!!"

Awkward moments/ Biggest lie:
Samantha saying she's the biggest fan of her good-friend Indashio's designs when it really feels like they barely know each other.

Samantha's Explanation on How she Works her Clients into "Besties":
"We immerse ourselves in what a client does. With Indashio, it was no stretch. I am obsessed with fashion! I went to his showroom to meet his models, see his line, really get a sense of who he is and where he'd be happy. The better you know a client personally, the better you can judge what apartment is for them. With Indashio, it was love at first sight for us!"

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