'Selling New York' Episode 3: An Unimaginative Lawyer & Fab Fashionista

Episode 3 of HGTV's new reality series "Selling New York" aired Thursday. In case you've missed it, the show follows the exploits of two, high-end real estate firms -- uptown's Gumley, Haft and Kleier and downtown's CORE -- as they try to find to-die-for apartments for their demanding clients.

This week the show follows the exploits of a rich and unimaginative lawyer and an over-the top fashion-design diva. Both ISO pricy pads for purchase or rent. The wealthy lawyer/wife/mom has a budget where she can look at multi-million dollar properties without flinching and merely make a casual reference to checking in with her husband. The fashion designer, Indashio, a relatively unheard of designer somehow has the budget to rent a $15,000 a month work/live space. (We're told several times about his celebrity clients so perhaps that's how he affords this generous budget.) Indashio, with his made-for-reality-TV flamboyance makes it pretty apparent that he has no intention of really renting a new apartment. He's in it for the exposure. He's got a fashion line to promote!