Report: CrowdStar backing away from Microsoft buyout talks


Remember back in February when we first heard word that Microsoft had expressed interest in buying social gaming giant Crowdstar? Perhaps you've spent the past couple of months wondering what, if anything, ever happened with that. Or perhaps you spent those months focused on other things. We're guessing the latter.

Either way, you may be interested to know that Crowdstar has reportedly backed out of the talks, according to a new Bloomberg News report. The business news wire service cites "a person with knowledge of the situation" as the source, so it's not exactly written in stone. That said, the original Bloomberg report of a potential buyout was based on the word of "two people familiar with the matter," so we'll just have to trust Bloomberg on the reliability of the whole thing.

Anyway, the new report says Crowdstar balked at Mcirosoft terms that would have restricted Crowdstar's growth, and note that the company is still looking for other buyers. So if you've got a spare $200 million or so lying around, why not give them a call?