Renters Want to go Green

Renters go green
Renters go green

You want them, the government wants you to have why aren't earth-friendly homes standard in this environmentally conscious day and age?

A recent study by shows that 86 percent of renters prefer "eco-friendly living" and more than half are willing to cough up the cash to do so. The study also reports that two out of every five renters were willing to pay an additional $100 in rent per month to be kind to the environment while 13 percent were willing to fork over more than that. The problem is green of another kind. 66 percent of renters reported that the one thing standing between themselves and living green is money.

"It's also about making a connection between the environment and our health," says Leslie Mann, former chair of the Sierra Club's legislative action committee. "It's very worth it to me to have cleaner indoor quality for my family and to reduce their exposure to harmful toxins. I can't put a price on that."