Pet Society Product Reviews: Easter Mystery Gifts

Pet Society Fawns Merry Go-Round
Fawns Merry Go-Round
As promised, the Easter "Mystery Gifts" in Pet Society were revealed this weekend. Sushi was excited to find a Fawns Merry Go-Round, thanks to a generous friend. The pastel-colored fawns are super cute and they move up and down, though not round and round, like a merry go-round should. He wanted to go for a ride, but found that he could not mount a fawn, no matter how hard he tried. This made him un-merry. Sigh.
Pet Society Pink Tree Swing
Pink Tree Swing
A player named Nam was disappointed that the Pink Tree Swing can't be swung. Still, we gave this a higher score (3 paws out of 5) than the other item. Both the merry go-round and the swing are glorified chairs, but the pet looks nice sitting on the swing, whereas sitting at the foot of a merry go-round is just plain dumb, not to mention dangerous in the real world. Still, the swing and merry go-round do look good, so if you want to get them, they're available at the Boutique until next week.

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