Matt 'Dancing Badly' Harding's tips for budget round-the-world travel


Matt Harding was just a 26-year-old who wanted to take a break and see the world. So he saved up, quit his job as a video game designer, and went traveling. He created free souvenirs as he went by shooting funny footage of himself doing the same goofy dance in exotic locales around the planet.

He thought that was the end of it. "I got back in 2003, flat broke. No job, no prospects. I worked for a little while," said Harding.

Then things changed for the better. "In the intervening year or two after I did that trip, I put the video on the Internet and it just exploded one day." His compilation of video postcards went viral, and without warning, Matt "Dancing Badly" Harding became one of the first, and biggest, YouTube celebrities.