Los Angeles Real Estate News


How does Los Angeles real estate start the week? From big listings to mortgage news to the latest earthquake latest, here's your Monday roundup of recent real estate news in Los Angeles.

  • 7.2 Earthquake hits SoCal. Yikes. (AOL)

  • Santa Monica affordable-housing agreements not always enforced. (LA Times)

  • Gov. Schwartzenegger vetoes a bill that would've given short-sale homeowners (versus foreclosure) a tax break. (NBCLA)

  • Goldman Sachs got additional development rights to 111 acres at Playa Vista by the L.A. City Council (adding $150 Million dollars to the property's value). On April 6 the vote has to be reconfirmed. (LA Weekly)

  • California's Tax Credit overlapping the Federal Tax Credit to benefit home buyers. 'Short window for double dipping.' (WSJ blog)

  • Former LAPD and a previously former NYPD Police Commish William Bratton sold his Hollywood Hills home. To my mind the wicker furniture inside is the big shock. (Curbed)

  • See the house of the man who co-created the "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" cartoon. Come on, that's fun. (LA Times)

  • Fees the Medical Marijuana dispensaries will have to pay the city to operate will head to city council in early April to be confirmed. It's on track so that around June all unregistered dispensaries won't be allowed to operate. (LA Times)

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