Los Angeles Insider: Studio City Comic/Painter Chris Bonno

Don't let the serious artist pose fool you, Chris Bonno, one of the funnier residents of Studio City, is also an incredibly talented artist whose paintings are snapped up by Hollywood types. Having lived in the area for 14 years, he tells us about his favorite tailor, his preferred sushi spot, and why it's the perfect town to hone your parallel parking.

Name, Age, Occupation:
Chris Bonno, "younger than my peers," "Millennial Renaissance Man" (comedian/painter)

Neighborhood: Studio City, Los Angeles

Abode: One-bedroom apartment

How long have you lived in Studio City?
14 years.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
Rent control. Also the trees, the people and the older restaurants like 4 and 20 - which is awesome. It's a place that's been making amazing pies for years and is locally owned and its kinda word-of-mouth... it's a breakfast restaurant with amazing pies!
Best kept secret in Studio City?

There is a dry cleaning place called 5 Star Cleaners on Laurel Canyon and Moorpark in a little strip center next to a Goodwill Shop and a Chinese restaurant. It charges like $1.99 to wash and press a shirt and they will do it same day for [a little] more. Also, there's a guy named Victor at a place called Victor's and he is an amazing tailor. I never walked out of there feeling bad. I always feel like a million dollars.

There's also great thrift stores deep in North Hollywood. There's one off Lankershim Boulevard where you can have street food hot dogs wrapped in bacon while you go look through [clothes in] two giant, high-ceiling rooms. I've gotten great deals there.

Do you talk to your neighbors?
Absolutely! I'm in a small building and I know all my neighbors, in fact I've kept up with some neighbors that have moved. We're all very conscientious and watch out for each other which is nice.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday Night in your neighborhood?
I would eat at Shiki Sushi and have both the sake and the Sapporo because they are two of my favorite things to drink with sushi, with friends, or a lady. Then I'd probably hang with friends watching movies. One friend has an old-movies night and most of us are comedians and we all yell at the screen and tell jokes. They are bad 1970's movies and it becomes a joke competition and because they are all comics we all laugh a lot.

Out of all the spots in Los Angeles for a comic/painter, why Studio City?

It's the best of both worlds. There are plenty of showbiz people you run into around town but it's also quiet which I appreciate. I'm in a neighborhood where it doesn't feel like I'm in a hive apartment with people on Bluetooths selling and buying stuff like Gordon Gekko. There are real people with families here, singles, established people, so there is comfort in that and anonymity from the four people who know who I am. And I can totally paint here. There's nothing obscuring my vision of the night sky because there are one-story homes with beautiful trees. I love to look at nature out of my window. Plus, I love to drive. I'm one of those people that takes pride in how well they parallel park.

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