Home-Improvement TV Weekly Update

Did you catch all the home improvement TV shows this week? I bet not because you probably have a life. Who has time to watch them all?

We do.

We have all sorts of crazy free time. That's why each week we'll recap the best of the home television shows so you don't miss a beat. This week we've got updates of "Flip This House," "Extreme Makeover," "Divine Design" and more.
"Flip This House"
(A&E Saturdays 11/10c)
The"Flip This House" crew heads to the town of Hamden, Conn. for their next project with a lead on a "for sale by owner" Cape Cod-style, single-family home. The elderly owner has moved to a retirement facility and his daughter is overwhelmed by the extensive repairs needed to get the house in shape to sell in a down market. The team sees great potential in the property for a successful flip in a charming neighborhood. They decide to go for a new kitchen and bathrooms and a patch-up on the roof. But, major problems are encountered in the basement -- there's a mystery leak and if it's not patched up right away the team could lose a whole level of living space.

ABCs "Extreme Makeover" (Airs Sunday nights 8/7c)
Ty Pennington and the team rebuild the Texas home of a family whose house was left in shambles by Hurricane Ike in 2008. Why I think that's a good thing. Hottie Jessica Alba is on hand to lend a hammer as the celebrity volunteer. Extreme makeover-ing prevails.

"My First House" (HGTV Tuesdays and Thursdays 8/7c)
A happy couple look for a first place that will be big enough for him and cozy enough for her. Hmm, sounds like a conflict of interest. When a new lender gives them a reality check, they have to downsize their expectations, which leads them to a newly built house with a giant eyesore shed across the backyard fence. Yikes!

"Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
A young, modern woman longs for a room with loads of personality. However, she has one big obstacle - her mother. Oh no! Mom spent a lot of time decorating her gorgeous home and is nervous about letting her daughter redesign the space. Our hero and host Candice Olson steps in to create a space that strikes the perfect balance between fun and functional, while satisfying both Melanie and Rachel's design needs. Hurrah! She saves the day.

"The Outdoor Room" (HGTV Saturday 1 est)
A young couple needs help. Their large, sun-parched yard in the Hollywood Hills not only overlooks a busy freeway, but it has become a receptacle for all their past parties. They are ready for an adult backyard where they can host gatherings with friends and family. A trip to a Native American pueblo inspires a circular adobe structure that will serve as an intimate conversation pit. Creativity inspires a traditional drying rack to become an artistic shade structure over the new outdoor dining area. Other ideas spark. Red-stone tiling and deep-red oxide help create the color palette. A mixture of drought-tolerant, high-desert style plantings finish off this Taos, New Mexico-inspired Outdoor Room.

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