Happy Aquarium: Loch Ness Monster Expedition

In addition to the on-going Super Sea Shell Hunt, a new feature, called "Expedition", has joined Happy Aquarium.
What are Happy Aquarium Expeditions?
Available to those Level 20 and above, Expedition requires you to recruit 10 crew members for awesome prizes. Right now, the awesome prize is the elusive and mysterious "Loch Ness Monster", a new aquarium creature introduced along with this feature.
Fill Your Crew
We first saw several baby Nessies swimming in Harold's Demo Tank, but they're not always there. But we do have an official image of Nessie released by Crowdstar. To find out what an adult Nessie looks like, and how to add crew to your Expedition, keep reading...

Click on "Start" on the "Fill Your Crew" window, and you'll have the option to add or buy crew. Recruits can be hired amongst your Facebook friends via Wall posts to your profile...
Fill Your Crew: Buy or Add
...or bought for a hefty 30 Pearls each. Depending on which crew member you're hired for, you'll get a certain amount of XP.
Captain for Hire - 30 Pearls
After you've collected 10 crew members, a message should appear letting you know that your crew was successful in hunting down the monster.
Happy Aquarium Loch Ness Monster
Happy Aquarium expects to release many more rare creatures using the Expedition feature. If you can't find 10 people to play with you, I suggest you visit the official Happy Aquarium forum and ask for players willing to temporarily add you in the game, so you can all obtain XP and a Nessie of your own.
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