Hail a Taxi With Your iPhone

iphone android cabsense appHailing a cab in New York City is somewhat of a science -- at least, that's what the people behind a new mobile app for your iPhone or Android device believe.

Cabsense could be your new best friend if you're not a fan of flagging down a ride in the Big Apple because we know how incredibly tired your arm becomes from waving down your next ride.

Fire up this handy app and Cabsense pinpoints your location and provides a sort of "taxi compass," pointing you to nearby locations where you're likely to find a taxi.
In addition to the compass view, you can also flip Cabsense to a street map showing all the nearby taxi-hailing hotspots. Locations are given ratings from zero to four stars based on historical and real-time information: the more stars, the more likely you are to find a taxi. You can even plan ahead using the slider view which helps you find, for example, a good spot to head for after your movie lets out.
iphone android cabsense
Cabsense has one more trick up its sleeve to help you hail a cab. As strange as it might sound, you can use the app to whistle. Hey, not everyone can do it, right? It's actually quite a clever and thoughtful feature to include.

You can find Cabsense for the iPhone on the App Store, and in the Android Marketplace for those of you with Googlephones.

Happy trails and happy hailing!
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