Apple iPad Real Estate Apps Are Here!


They're here!!!! Yes, Apple's new iPad has finally arrived, but I'm talking about the real estate apps for the iPad that are already available from Zillow, ZipRealty and others. While pundits debate the merits of the latest mobile marvel from Apple, one thing is clear: the iPad's big touch screen is perfectly suited for real estate apps. was among the first real estate apps for the iPad ready to download free from the iTunes store. According to a description of it on, the app, specially designed for the iPad, lets users "search and browse cities and neighborhoods on a large touch-screen map; window shop the neighborhood viewing multiple homes side-by side; flick through preview photos of one home versus another and drag and drop homes into a personal favorites section."

What more could a home shopper possibly want?

Apparently, more.

Which is why ZipRealty has also entered the iPad arena---it's product, says the San Francisco Chronicle, will let you look at both listed and recently sold homes in something like 4,000 cities and neighborhoods.

These real estate apps are among the first wave of apps for the iPad, which reportedly sold 300,000 it's first day (less than some initial reports which put sales at more than twice that). Apple's online store boasts "over a thousand apps made just for iPad" and more on the way. And developers are falling all over themselves in their efforts to praise Apple and stand out among the crowd.