Sweet San Francisco Rental: Nob Hill 1BR With Laundry, $1,400

Some people in San Francisco like to refer to Nob Hill as "Snob Hill." It's only because there's really nice residences in this area and they're probably jealous. It also has one of the best views of the entire city of San Francisco; right on the cusp of Chinatown.

You can live well on one of San Francisco's famous 44 hills in this one- bedroom, one-bathroom Nob Hill apartment with in-unit laundry and 591 square feet to call your own.So what do you get for $1,400? A recently renovated one-bedroom apartment that's fitted with air conditioning (for those three hot days in San Francisco), hardwood floors, a new kitchen, and a balcony/deck/patio/porch. (That's many titles for a balcony.) Some of the units come furnished so you might want to check that out if you/re a new transplant to the Bay Area. And if you're new to town, this is a pretty spectacular location on San Francisco's sweeping hills.

Another plus is for $1,400 you're getting a really good deal for a one-bedroom apartment in Nob Hill. This is a very pricey part of town (as its nickname implies). The average one-bedroom in this area goes for about $1,800. The square footage is a little tight -- but the location makes up for it.

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