Real estate open house a setting for reality theater

New play about real estate takes place in homes for saleThis may be the 2010 version of "Tony & Tina's Wedding" -- "Full Disclosure" is a reality play about the trials and tribulations of selling real estate in Los Angeles, set in an actual house for sale. Think of it as the ultimate open house.

"Full Disclosure," a play by Ruth McKee, produced by the Ovation award-winning Chalk Repertory Theatre in Los Angeles, explores the Los Angeles real estate market and the people who are the players in it. Set up as an open house, the audience is invited into a seller's home by the character Sunny, a singer-turned-realtor. And right now, real realtors are being solicited to provide the home or homes where the play will be staged. Still with me?

Performances are set to commence on April 30 for a limited four-weekend engagement.

Without having to issue a spoiler alert, what I can tell you is that as the main character, Sunny, shows off the features of the home, there are a few things she just feels compelled to disclose. A press release describes "Full Disclosure" as a "comical tragedy about the people who sell lives that they themselves cannot afford to buy." Being a real estate writer, they had me at comical tragedy.

Real agents are being actively solicited to help the theater find locations -- houses -- in which to stage the play. The homes must be active listings and assurances are given that theater-goers will not be permitted to wander beyond the public rooms (no snooping around in the master bedroom) and that the property will be restored to its original condition. Theater patrons will be asked to remove their shoes on the carpet or wear little paper booties. The theater carries full insurance.

The script will be adapted to fit the home and, the real agents are assured, the home will be discussed in a very favorable light. It's a new way to get the word out about listings and serves as publicity for the agents. Although the play will be staged four weekends, they prefer to move it around to different homes in different neighborhoods.

"Full Disclosure" is helmed by three of Chalk's founding members: Larissa Kokernot, who won the Ovation Award for best director for her production of "Family Planning,"; McKee, who wrote Chalk's production of "Stray" that was recently produced in New York as part of the Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project; and Amy Ellenberger, who appeared in a Chalk production last summer.

The Chalk Repertory Theatre presents plays in unconventional spaces. Tickets for "Full Disclosure" will be $25. Neighborhoods will be announced in advance and audience members will receive the specific address of the home upon purchase of their tickets.

Are they on to something here? Let's just say if one of the theater-goers actually buys the listing, you'll be able to hear the celebratory bottles of champagne popping from the balcony seats.
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