Queen's furniture line comes out as part of the YoVille enchanted theme

The magic continues in YoVille with more enchanted items. Zynga released different editions of enchanted beds, couches, ottomans and curtains for both coins and YoCash. Most of you have also noticed the charming green butterfly couch that costs 7 YoCash. Check it out and make sure to tell us what you think.

Plush collectors can add 8 cute animals to their plush collection. An enchanted plush costs 6 YoCash.

And for those of you who do not like the vine covered wooden furniture, Zynga added a "sub-line" of furniture to the enchanted theme. The YoCashy enchanted queen furniture line has the medieval that will look great in your enchanted castle. Three items have been released and more are expected to arrive. If you're not a fan of Yocash, you can always get them for coins at trading events.

Pictures and prices are all after the link. Enjoy the magic!