More FarmVille Players receive access to Co-Op farming


In the official announcement from Zynga today about the new Co-Op farming function, Channel Zero stated the following:

"PLEASE NOTE: Co-Op Farming is being slowly rolled out to all of our players at this time to prevent and contain technical issues that may arise. Only a small percentage of players will be able to start jobs at present, but if your neighbors and friends have started a job you may join theirs. We will update you as soon as this changes."

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

After several enhancement messages it seems this is very true, more and more players have access and are able to "Join Co-Ops" via the Facebook home feed.

FarmVille Freak -Adam-s A Pack of Pickled Patty Pan Co-op, who also reports there are now currently 9 active members.

To read more details about this release, read more here at: Co-Op Farming at FarmVille Official Forum.

Are you now able to join a Co-Op and see the available jobs? If so, what job are you currently doing?

This article originally appeared on: FarmVille Freak.

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