Home TV: 'Tough As Nails' Episode 3

Episode 3 of HGTV's new reality series "Tough as Nails" aired last night. In case you're not up to speed, the show follows the exploits of Cindy Stumpo, the self-proclaimed "best builder" in Boston as she tries to juggle the family business, demanding clients and her personal life. Working in a male-dominated industry, Cindy Stump is tough as nails. We know this right away in the opening credits as she puts on lipstick, slams a car door, and yells at her crew, "Come on guys, prepare to work!" Go get 'em Cindy

Okay, they've changed the story arc on episode three of "Tough as Nails." This is the first episode I've seen where the episode wasn't about Cindy having sexual tension with her ex-husband, Joe, and a house that needs to be put into shape before the big broker open house at the end of the week. Instead, this episode focuses on the tough housing market in this crazy economy. Here's what happened...

Cindy's crew of subcontractors have the task of renovating a couple's house and turning the basement into an exercise/music room. Cindy says things like, "My guys are some of the best in the business," about her team, adding, "The ship would sink like the Titanic without me if I weren't there everyday..." We realize though, that her subcontractors are like family to her.

Meanwhile Cindy has a bid in to rebuild a high-end home. The work is going to go to the lowest bidder. The conflict comes courtesy of the economy: There's not enough work to go around for her builders. Cindy will survive but her workers will be out of work. More conflict comes when her plumber causes a delay in the renovation. A tense moment occurs when the call comes in on whether Cindy will get the $1.1 million bid to rebuild the needed house to keep her subcontractors working; it's critical that she gets the job with the recession on. Tension.

Guess what? She gets it! Hurrah! Her team will rebuild the 5,000-square-foot house. All is happy as they finish renovating the couple's basement. The music room brings much joy. Everyone celebrates as Cindy takes the team out for dinner. Wonder if Cindy will ever lose? Guess we'll have to stay tuned.

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