From iPod to iPad: A Timeline of Apple's iDynasty

The iPad will be the latest heir apparent in an Apple iDynasty that started with the iPod in 2001. When the iPad comes out Saturday, it will be greeted as the heir apparent of an Apple (AAPL) portable-devices dynasty that has spanned nearly a decade. Beginning with the iPod in 2001 and continuing through the various iPhone models, Apple has built a strong series of leaders that has paved the way for its latest product.

Here's a look back at the iPad's forebearers:

Oct. 23, 2001:
Apple unveils the iPod, a portable music player, and sells 1 million of them in less than two years.

Sept. 7, 2005: The iPod nano, a lightweight version of the original iPod, launches.

Nov. 3, 2006:iPod shuffle, Apple's pint-sized music player, hits the markets.

June 29, 2007: Apple's highly anticipated iPhone debuts, selling 1 million phones in 74 days.

Sept. 5, 2007:
Apple unveils the iTouch, a finger-touch iPod similar to its sexier cousin, the iPhone.

July 11, 2008:iPhone 3G hits the stores, selling 1 million phones in its first three days on the market.

June 8, 2009: Apple unveils iPhone 3GS, which is designed to double the speed of the iPhone 3G.

April 3, 2010:
iPad hits the markets. Some analysts project the tablet computer will sell 1 million units within the first full quarter of sales.

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Apple shares have climbed dramatically from 2000 to 2010:

Apple has built a portable-devices dynasty spanning nearly a decade, and its shares -- which have soared from 2000 to 2010 -- reflect that.
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