FarmVille Freak Pookie Spots Chocolate Cow & Nacho Mastery Sign


The picture above displays at least 3 "Unreleased" items that we have featured on FarmVille Freak in the past: The Chocolate Cow, Chocolate Calf, and Kangaroo. However, these unreleased items are seen on an actual farm!

Although, Lexilicious hinted there would be a Chocolate Cow coming soon, there has been no recent sightings of a Kanagroo (yet).

Of course Nachos (also previously Unreleased) debuted today and are a limited edition crop lasting only 24 hours and there is NO Crop Mastery even though the picture above clearly shows a Nacho Crop Mastery Sign on a farm. What do you think?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.