Custom Bedding: Luxe for Less

"You've made your bed, now lie in it".

While this usually means you're being made to suffer the consequences of a stupid decision, we have an entirely new (and cozy) meaning. While luxury items usually fall by the wayside in an economic downturn, the decision to commission custom-made bedding is often a good economical decision. And yes, you can lie in it, too.

Here are some options to bedazzle your boudoir, stat!
Order custom-made, hand-made bedding from companies such as Warm Biscuit (for children) or Calico Corner (for adults). Whether you're looking for bed skirts, bedspreads and comforters, pillow shams, or duvets... or just yearn for the indulgence of made-to-order-just-for-me - custom bedding doesn't have to break the bank. (You can even rationalize by telling yourself that your purchase is an economic stimulus to the crafter stitching it!)

Here are but a few options our search came up with:

Park Slope Custom Crib Bedding

The perfect gift for the mother-to-be or your favorite niece or nephew... Choose the bedding style and fabric you'd like and the seamstress will do the work of measuring, stitching, and crafting just for you. Nursery Dreams on Etsy.

A Simple Throw

A very versatile throw yields simple, casual elegance thrown over the corner of a chair, tossed on your sofa, or as an extra layer of bedding. Choose from an assortment of grown-up and kid fabric for fast shipment. Kool Beenz on Etsy.

An Entirely Custom Chambre

custom bedding for the entire bedroom

Ready for something bigger, bolder, and totally you? Custom-make all the bedding in your bedroom. Dallas, Texas based Redo the Room offers you a menu of custom bedding solutions starting at the floor with the bed skirt to the tassel of the top-most pillow on the pile. Simply choose the piece and your fabric. Then sit back and await an entirely brand new, custom bedding bedroom arriving at your doorstep.

Choosing from all the options of your custom bedding may exhaust you - but hey! - what nice new bedding to lay your head.
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