A tisket, a tasket, what to do about that Easter basket


In case you hadn't noticed, Easter is hippity hopping its way here faster than you can say, "what do you mean you're out of jelly beans?" If you're the kind of rascally rabbit that has ever positioned the chocolate bunny just-so to hide the dented side because it was the last one on the shelf, you're not alone.

One of my friends fessed up on Facebook: "Kim D. doesn't have an Easter basket plan for the first time in 13 years," she admitted, "...what to do, what to do, what to do?" Like all good girlfriends, the response was immediate, clever, crafty, and best of all thrifty. Thinking outside the basket, most of the BFF bunnies suggested spending money on treats that would stick around after the sugar rush had worn off. No matter what the occasion, no one wants to throw money down a rabbit hole.

"You have lots of time," wrote Marne S., "who's open late??" God bless the optimists. "My mom did tickets to Great America one year," Danielle M. chimed in, "that was fun."

"I just got back from shopping," wrote Julie B., "I grabbed iTunes cards and some candy for the two oldest, and Target dollar bin stuff for the 6-year-old...no idea where the baskets are so they're going into the 99-cent Easter gift bags." Work it, work it.