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Get tips on renting the perfect house, cleaning it, maximizing storage space in it, even how to hang onto it in the unfortunate case that your landlord lets it go into foreclosure. It's all here in this week's roundup of top posts on RentedSpaces!

Need More Storage Space? Try a Door
Running out of storage space? Go vertical! The space behind your doors can be used for storing everything from shoes to jewelry, blankets, sporting goods, and more. See our roundup of clever ideas.

How to Evaluate a Rental House
If you're looking for a rental house, be sure to arm yourself with our checklist of considerations you may not have thought of. That yard that seemed so charming on your first walk-through may lose its appeal if you're the one who has to mow it.

A Renter's Foreclosure Nightmare
Learn from one Tampa renter's disastrous experience, and prepare yourself with the knowledge you'll need if your own landlord lets his property into foreclosure.

Writing the Book on Keeping House
Take a peek inside the housekeeping lives of others in author Mindy Lewis' collection of essays. We feature an excerpt from the awesomely titled "Abhorring a Vacuum" - apparently, it's not just Nature.

Storage Space Gets Interesting
If you're in a tiny rental with the accompanying lack of storage space, think outside the box - and possibly even inside the oven - to expand your options.

Eames Design Archives go to Auction. Maybe.
If you're a fan of mid-century design, your lucky day may be coming up at auction! But with the items' ownership in question, it might be a bit soon to start making room in your collection.
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