Tricks of the trade to using scents to help sell your house

home sale smells cookies
home sale smells cookies

If your house smelled like, say, a giant lemon or, perhaps, a cinnamon stick, might it be a lot easier to sell in this depressed and distressed real estate market? Apparently, some real estate brokers think so and have come up with all sorts of ways to create the "perfect" scent to make a property more attractive to a would-be buyer.

So, with that in mind, flare your nostrils, suck in a deep breath of pungent air, and let's explore some of the smells that just may help you sell your house.

International Business Times quotes several real estate professionals who use scents to help turn on potential buyers.

One swears by this: running some lemon wedges through the garbage disposal to help perfume the air with citrus. Of course, some citrus candles placed around the house would do the same thing with a lot less fuss...not to mention noise.