Sweet San Francisco Rental: New Richmond Studio, $1,275

This is what sells me on this studio apartment; it actually has heated bathroom floors! No really. I've never heard of this before. Think of the luxury of never having cold feet on those drafty San Francisco evenings when the fog rolls in. What a brilliant idea.

So if you're looking for a small place to call your own, besides heated bathroom floors, this newly remodeled studio is located in the Richmond district near the ocean for a great view, and mere blocs from
Safeway and a sea of local restaurants, cafes, shops, and banks.
Studio apartments offer the bare essential of living. A true studio has everything in one room. So it can be comfortable, but cozy. This studio actually has a separate kitchen with new appliances: gas stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Do you need furniture? The apartment can come furnished if you want it, which is a great deal for those moving to San Francisco from out of state.

Another great bonus is the
shared backyard and deck, which gives this studio a bit more breathing room. And it's pretty great to be able to see the gorgeous sunset views right from your room. The $1,275 rental price is about average for the Richmond neighborhood, though you could shop around and find something cheaper. But remember:street parking is a breeze in the Richmond district.

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