Restaurant City: Hop over for the full Easter items release

Restaurant City Easter theme
Restaurant City Easter theme

As we told you earlier this week, Restaurant City's newest item theme is Easter, and with the full item release today, we see a nice assortment of items that will be perfect for decorating not only for Easter, but for the entire Spring season itself.

In terms of coin only items, you can pick up a nice wooden Spring Chair, and a small Spring Table, along with wooden Spring Divider pieces (for use in creating a bathroom area, or a walkway through your restaurant, as examples), both potted and outdoor plants (including a lovely vase filled with plants and Easter eggs), two different types of Spring Grass flooring, Chicken decorations, and even a Spring Toilet.

These items range in price from 30 coins for a single square of Spring Grass flooring to 2600 coins for a Mother Hen decorative item.