Popcap's April Fools Joke: Celebrity Bejeweled


Everyone loves Bejeweled Blitz. Everyone loves celebrities. So why not put together those two things and make something that everyone will SUPER love? That seem to be the thinking behind Popcap's April 1 announcement of Celebrity Bejeweled, a game that promises to "replace the traditional gem pieces with holographic likenesses of gem-named superstars from popular film, television, music and sports."

Those gem-themed celebrities range from the well-known (Neil Diamond) to the marginally known (Joss Stone) to the little known (Ruby Wax, Pearl Lowe). The celebrity-matching madness comes at a price, though -- thanks to expensive live DNA sampling and a real cubic zirconia box, the game caries a suggested retail price of £2,000...

OK, as the headline should have made clear, this is just a little joke on Popcap's part. Still, we don't doubt that such a game would sell one hojillion copies if it were real. Would you buy it?