PetVille Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt mini-game -- it's got collectible eggs and mystery prizes, too

PetVille Easter egg hunt -- collect all 12 prize eggs

Not to be left out of the Easter/spring/egg hunting fun, PetVille has launched its own version of a virtual Easter egg hunt. Instead of relying on friends to send eggs to fill your virtual basket a la FarmVille, this Easter egg hunt revolves around a mini-game, similar to PetVille's four-leaf clover mini-game which launched for St. Patrick's Day.

petville easter egg scavenger hunt mini-game white rabbit

To launch the Scavenger hunt mini-game, click the shifty eyed white rabbit (OK, maybe it's not shifty, just strangely smiley) that has suddenly appeared in your pet's house.
The Easter Egg Scavenger hunt mini-game will load and you'll be presented with nine white rabbits. What's next sounds easier than it actually is -- you have to guess which ones are holding one of the collectible eggs by clicking on them. If they have an egg, it will appear, and if not, you'll get a few coins as a consolation prize.

Petville mini-game -- where is the egg hiding?

Every day, you'll have three chances to see if you can locate an egg, unless you have generous friends who send you Easter Gift Baskets as a free gift, each of which will give you another chance to search for eggs.

PetVille collect 12 for a special prize

If you luck out and find an egg, it will appear in this Scavenger Hunt page and in your house as well. There's not much you can do with it now, however. Move the cursor over it and it says you have to wait until April 4 for it to open and reveal what's inside. There are 12 different eggs in all, and if you manage to collected them all, you will earn a 'deluxe mystery egg.'

What do you think you'll find in your eggs on April 4?

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