Party Girl: April Fool's Day Food Punks

It's the first of April, so only a fool isn't on guard today against all manner of trickery from friends and family. Check your toilet seat, inspect your doorknobs, and look out above - you'll never know when the prank is coming.

But don't just sit back and wait for something to happen - take the offensive and punk your peeps first! Hit them where they might not be looking for it: the kitchen.

Turn dinner upside down tonight to catch your guests off-guard with savory items disguised as sweet, sweet disguised as savory, and even an undercover cocktail to cap things off.

Just be sure to look on your chair before you sit down to dig in. Just in case.

Mini Cupcakes (appetizer)
Make a few dozen of these Mini Spicy Cheese Muffins in pretty little frilled cupcake liners. Spoon whipped cream cheese into a zipper bag with a corner snipped off and pipe onto the mini-muffs like frosting.

Layer Cake (main dish)
Their brains will think "cake", but their mouths will scream "meatloaf!" Once your guests are over the initial shock, they'll be in for a tasty meat-and-potatoes dinner. Just follow these instructions for Meatloaf Cake - "frosted" with mashed potatoes - for a sweet meal that's anything but.

Chicken Pot Pie (dessert)
After two savory "desserts", it's time to switch things up with a sugary finish disguised as a savory pie. These Chicken Not Pies (pictured) are actually a pudding-and-candy filling inside a pre-baked pie crust. TV Dinners never looked so good!

Sippy Cups (cocktail)
Before anyone calls Child Protective Services here, let me issue the statement that this drink should not be served as suggested in a home with children! But if you're kid-free, it's a pretty clever cocktail.

Whip up a batch of creamy White Russians, and serve them in toddler-sized sippy cups (you can buy cheap disposables on the aisle where disposable food storage containers are sold). You'll want to mix and chill the cocktails ahead of time since ice would ruin the illusion. Having backups on-hand will also to keep your "toddlers" from getting fussy if their cups go empty.
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