Mafia Wars Pocket Rockets: Level up in Zynga poker to score a pair

Pocket Rockets for Mafia Wars from Zynga Poker
Offered by Zynga Poker for use in Mafia Wars, the "Pocket Rockets" has an offense stat of 53, and defense of 23. You can get it by leveling up tgree times in Zynga Poker.

The previous Zynga cross-promotional item offered between the two games was the "Ace in the Sleeve", which has the exact same stats as the "Pocket Rockets" and required reaching Level 6.

If you haven't gotten either item, the "Pocket Rockets" is certainly more worth your time, since you only require 3 level ups instead of 6. If you've already got "Ace in the Sleeve", and you're not a collections addict, there's no point in trying for this one; because in terms of game functionality, they're identical.
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