Mafia Wars: Chop Shop is Now the Unicorn Castle

Mafia Wars Unicorn Shop LogoBecause we all know that the first things you think of when playing Mafia Wars are pretty fairytale unicorns, Zynga has decided to overhaul the Chop Shop, turning it from a car lot into a factory for creating (mostly) adorable little unicorns! Everyone say "Aww."

The Unicorn Castle has immediately replaced the Chop Shop in its location on the New York properties bar. It comes in the form of a shiny lavender castle, and it requires Magic Potions to create unicorns, like the armored Warcorn, the chilly Icecorn, the colorful Rainbowcorn and so on – one unicorn is available for each of the Unicorn Castle's 10 available levels.

At later levels, you'll need more than just Magic Potions to create unicorns, which is where additional items like the Rainbow and the Fairy Wing come into play. Aside from the aesthetic and item changes, the Unicorn Castle functions in the same way as the old Chop Shop, and you can upgrade it by collecting multiple units of five different ingredients: Starstones, Drawbridges, Dream Corners, Pretty Towers, and Magic Walls.
Upgrade Your Unicorn Castle
Unicorn Castle Parts in Mafia Wars
If you'd rather not post a general message on your news feed asking for ingredients, you can still send individual pieces to your friends in the hopes that they will return the favor, via the game's free gifts page.
Unicorn Castle Giftables
Head over to the game's page to begin building your own magical unicorns of hope and wonder!

(Full disclosure: Yes, this is an April Fool's Joke. No, the Unicorn Castle is not a permanent addition to the game, and we're sure our Chop Shops will be returning soon. In the meantime though, you really can create unicorns, so why not give it a shot?)

[Via Brandy Shaul of Frisky Mongoose]
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